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Urticaria (Hives) Medications

What are Hives (Urticaria)?

Hives, also known as urticaria are a common disorder affecting about 20 percent of the general population. Hives are red or white raised or swollen patches on the skin and usually accompanied by uncomfortable itching. Hives are caused by release of histamine from mast cells and can be worsened by scratching, alcoholic beverages and daily exercise. Depending on the duration of symptoms they can be classified as acute or chronic hives or acute or chronic urticaria.

Acute Hives: In general it lasts up to 6 weeks or less and may resolve after treating the underlying cause. Acute hives are likely caused by close contact with allergens such as food, medications, pollen and insect bites. Common infection such as strep throat or urinary tract infections have also been identified as common causes of acute hives.

Chronic Hives: People suffering from long-term hives may have symptoms that last longer than six weeks and in some cases even more than a year. Although it could be caused by the immune system, hormonal problems or thyroid disease, the true underlying cause of most chronic hives may not be clearly identified.

Here is a review of 5 types of medications used for treating hives. 


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