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Facebook and healthcare businesses

Research from Pew Research Center shows that health information has a social life. People are using social media to learn about health, engage in health related conversations, share their health related experiences, and to connect with other patients. This creates an ideal opportunity for healthcare professionals and businesses to educate and engage their audience through Facebook and other social media sites. 

Although many businesses — including ones in healthcare and medicine — turn to their Facebook pages to promote their practices, getting noticed organically these days can be challenging. With Facebook’s new “Pay-to-Play” algorithm, you can have 20,000 fans and only 11 of them will actually see what you’ve shared.

That doesn’t mean you should disregard the world’s biggest social network. Facebook is still a great communications tool — your strategy just needs some fine-tuning.

Participation of your prominent staff members, such as doctors or nurses, in Groups relating to their specialty or practice can help tremendously.

Facebook Groups were – and still are – intended largely as a way to connect with friends and others who are interested in a similar activity or cause. There are Groups on Facebook for just about any topic or interest, including Salmations and The Beatles.

Because of this, Facebook Groups can be a very powerful way to reach your target audiences and bring them to your website or blog.

For example: Why not have your top nutritionist or someone on his or her staff join a Diabetes Support Group? This particular group, which is comprised of over 2,746 members, is a great platform to showcase their expertise in diabetes, participate in discussions, and engage people with diabetes.

Once the conversation gets going, the person representing your organization may send a friend request to any interested parties and take the conversation further, possibly resulting in a new patient.

A few important things to keep in mind: You can’t post as a business on a Facebook Group, and you should refrain from blatantly promoting your services and/or products. If you try to use this part of Facebook as a sales tool, you will most likely get booted.

Sometimes, thinking “outside of the box” is all that it takes to get your message in front of the people who mean the most to you.

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