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Cure Rates and Efficacy Of Newer Hep C Drugs

Sustained virology response (SVR) was used to determine the effectiveness of hep c medications across all the clinical trials. SVR means that the virus is undetectable in the blood 12 weeks after treatment. This signifies that hepatitis c has been cured.

Cure rates differ based on patient condition (cirrhosis, no cirrhosis, treatment experience, co-infection) and genotype.  

All the drugs have the potential to achieve 100% cure rate in certain hep c patient populations.

It should be noted that the majority of cure rates are above 90%, most cure rates below 85% are seen in special patient populations. For example, the lowest cure rate for Daklinza is 33%, but that is from two out of six patients with genotype 1a and cirrhosis. 

Mavyret: 92-100%

Epclusa: 73-100%

Zepatier: 70-100%

Daklinza: 33-100%

Technivie: 91-100%

Harvoni: 87-100%

Viekira Pak: 89-100%

Sovaldi: 71-100%

Olysio: 61-100%

Duration of Hepatitis C Treatment Regimens

The shortest regimen available is 8 weeks treatment with Mavyret, which is approved for all 6 genotypes. 

All medications have at least one 12-week regimen.

8-week regimen:


  • Genotypes 1,2,3,4,5, or 6 in treatment naive or experienced patients with no 



  • 8-week regimen can be considered in treatment-naïve patients without cirrhosis who 

have pretreatment HCV RNA <6 million IU/mL.

12-week regimen:


  • Genotypes 1,2,3,4,5, or 6 in treatment naive patients with compensated cirrhosis
  • Genotype 1 with prior NS3/4A inhibitor treatment and without cirrhosis
  • Genotype 1,2,4,5, or 6 in treatment experienced patients with compensated cirrhosis

Epclusa: Only has a 12-week regimen


  • Genotype 1a treatment naïve or experienced without NS5A polymorphism
  • Genotype 1a or 1b and treatment naïve or experienced
  • Genotype 4 and treatment naïve

Daklinza,: Genotype 1 and 3 with or without cirrhosis.

Technivie: Genotype 4

Viekira Pak:

  • Genotype 1a without cirrhosis
  • Genotype 1b with or without cirrhosis


  • Genotype 1or 4 and treatment naïve
  • Genotype 2 and treatment naïve or experienced


  • Genotype 1 without cirrhosis
  • Genotype 1 or 4 without cirrhosis or with compensated cirrhosis


  • Genotype 1,4,5,6 treatment-naïve and treatment-experienced without cirrhosis or with compensated cirrhosis

16 weeks regimen:


  • Genotype 1 with NS5A inhibitor experience with or without compensated cirrhosis
  • Genotype 3 with or without cirrhosis and prior HCV treatment


  • Genotype 1a: treatment naïve or treatment experienced with NS5A polymorphism
  • Genotype 4: treatment experienced

24 weeks regimen:

Viekira Pak:

  • Genotype 1a with compensated cirrhosis
  • Liver transplant 


  • Genotype 1 and treatment experienced with compensated cirrhosis


  • Genotype 3


  • Genotype 1 with compensated cirrhosis

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