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Many of the health concerns of women are significantly different from the ones experienced by men. The following essential steps can help any woman feel their best no matter what their age. Better living requires the desire to live a smart lifestyle with better and healthier choices. There are essential steps that every woman can perform every day to ensure she maintains proper health. They include:

Consume a Healthy Diet – Research indicates that women need to eat as healthy as possible. This means blending in as many natural foods into your diet as you can. This should include fresh vegetables and fruits and the avoidance of every processed food. Women should incorporate organic grains, foods that contain high-fiber, and lean cuts of poultry, fish and meat. Low-fat and reduced fat dairy products do well in the diet by providing maximum healthy calcium, with minimal harmful fat.

Exercise Regularly – Heart disease is now the main cause of death in women. Routinely exercising at least one half hour every day, 4 to 5 days a week can significantly improve the overall health of every woman. Consider incorporating walking, jogging, bicycling, dancing, swimming and walking along with other aerobic exercises to maintain a healthier heart.

Avoid Harmful Habits – Smoking cigarettes and excessive drinking can produce many significant health issues in women. While some studies indicate that it is okay to drink one single alcoholic beverage every day, it is important to minimize the amount of alcohol that drink contains. A bottle of beer will contain under 5% alcohol, while a small glass of wine contains nearly 13%.

Manage Harmful Stress —  While healthy stress such as exercise is good for the body, harmful stress needs to be properly managed. Women often tend to wear a variety of hats when raising a family and holding down a job. It is important to minimize harmful stress and pressure. This can be accomplished by taking a few minutes every day to meditate or simply relax. If taking long hot baths produces the desirable effects, take one every night.

Develop Safer Skin Habits – Even minimal exposure to the harmful rays of sunshine have the ability to produce skin cancer, which can be fatal. It is important to develop safer skin habits by wearing sunscreen with a high SPF (sun protection factor) anytime you will be outside longer than just a couple of minutes.

As you age, your health needs will change. It is important to follow the above healthy living steps to improve the quality of your life in the years ahead.

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